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Whether or not you know it, you are always selling an idea, a point-of-view, or yourself. This makes sales the driver of any and every business, non-profit, and relationship. It’s time to learn to embrace sales from a new perspective – one focused on honesty, transparency, and integrity. This is the winning strategy for how clients and customers want to interact in today’s world.

Founded in 2016, Your Sales Genius is a sales training and consulting business focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to cure their phobias around sales, empowering them to sell more effectively, serve more people, and be more profitable.


Our Philosophy

Your Sales Genius’ mission is to shift your perspective of SALES, redefining it as:

  • Serving
  • Anyone
  • Lovingly
  • Effectively and
  • Successfully

We do this by:

  • Learning to create interactions that are trustworthy, honest and high integrity.
  • Experiencing genuine connections through asking the question, “how can I serve you?”
  • Making sales fun and embracing all sales to or from a mindset that everyone has a good intention.
  • Having conversations that are free of predetermined outcomes.
  • Creating profitable outcomes that allow you to help more people and make more money.


    Looking for sales training or sales coaching based on these philosophies?

    Grab a copy of my free sales tip resources, and then schedule a call with me to discuss your best options for working together.

About Cheryl, Your Sales Genius

Cheryl Burget is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Your Sales Genius, and super fun sales expert who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to increase their sales through authenticity, integrity and service. Following an 18-year career as a successful sales executive in the competitive investment management business, she left the corporate world to become a Passion Test facilitator. In this role, she trained, coached and spoke to over 1500 other facilitators and closed nearly $2,000,000 in training services.

Cheryl empowers others to find their personal and professional passions, and in doing so has become a highly sought-after speaker and trainer, inspiring others to find their purpose and discover their talents. In fact, Your Sales Genius is based on the premise that everyone has an inner sales genius just waiting to be activated. As a sales coach and consultant, she takes a personalized approach to help each client discover, use and leverage their hidden talents.

Ms. Burget is widely known for her intuitive manner and teaches the communication style she uses to authentically connect and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds. She has a genuine desire to teach life changing skills that create transformational shifts and lasting success.


On a personal note, Cheryl was honored to be included and share the event that changed her life forever in the bestselling book, I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Women at work and at Home, by Cynthia James.
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